How to Get an Apartment Loan Modification When Too Many Tenants Are Leaving

If too many tenants are leaving your apartment, then it may be time to get an apartment loan modification as a way to ward off foreclosure. A vacancy rate that is too high for whatever reason is a bad sign for the owners because of the negative cash flow that it creates. This means that the property that normally produces income for the owner is now an expense because the cash inflow is now smaller than the cash outflow. Since money inflow comes from rent and money outflow is mostly due to the mortgage payments, commercial loan modification could reduce the monthly payments and minimize the losses that are being incurred due to this property.Unfortunately, the application for an apartment loan modification is a difficult and challenging process because the bank or lender does not want its own money inflow to be reduced. However, if you are able to convince them that continuing with the present payment schedule is likely to lead to foreclosure, they might be persuaded to approve this type of commercial mortgage modification. Just like the borrowers, lenders do not want to push through with a foreclosure because it is an expensive process and they could end up holding a property that they could not sell.With the economic downturn, selling a commercial property is indeed a difficult task because there are so many properties available in the market. In addition, a foreclosure would mean that the monthly cash flow from the borrower would stop. On the other hand, approving the commercial loan workout might mean that the borrower will continue to pay, albeit at lower amounts. Thus, what the borrower must do to get his proposal approved is to provide the lender with computations that demonstrate the advantages of allowing the decrease in mortgage payments as compared to foreclosure.

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